About KSTA & History

Kerala State Tailors Association

Kerala State Tailors Association or KSTA is the first organization of its kind formed for the well being of professional tailors of Kerala. Tailors from all over Kerala gathered at Marine drive, Ernakulam in 1971 and formed the Kerala State Tailors Association with Sri. V.M. Paily as its charter president and Sri. Mrinal Sen as its General Secretary. Sri. NK Damodaran, Sri.TM Bhaskaran, Sri.PJ Franson, Sri.TM Vasudevan and Sri.MK Shaikh were among the main office bearers and reputed members.

After the formation the Association adopted its bylaw and official flag. The association became strong in regions like Kannur, Kasargod, Palakkad, Ernakulam etc. However, with the declaration of emergency in India in 1975, the activities of the association were slowed down. After that in 1982, the Association was re launched from Thiruvananthapuram with Sri. Palayam Sadasivan Nair as the president, Sri.TM Bhaskaran as the General Secretary and Sri.PJ Franson, Sri Abraham Thaithottam, Sri.S Divakaran and Sri. V Rajasenan Nair as Main office bearers.

Subsequently, the activities were spread to more districts of Kerala. The Association became much stronger under the leadership of Sri. Palayam Sadasivan Nair. On 8th April 1983, registration process was completed as Reg.No.104/83 and various strikes were organized for the betterment of tailoring employees all over Kerala. As a result, in 1986, the state government included tailoring employees under the 'death cum retirement' project. Based on a finding that more than 75% of this project was occupied by tailoring employees, a request was made to announce special packages and a special Board for the tailors. Many strikes and protests were also conducted for this cause. The tailoring workers welfare bill was passed as a result of this in 1995. The tailoring workers welfare board came in to existence in 1996. During this time, Smt. KM Radhamani Amma (Edappady Radha) contribute much financially, to the association and also extended her services as the vice president of KSTA.

Even though the Welfare board was formed, the concerned district offices were not working efficiently. The hunger strike and revolt that lasted for a long 16 day in front of the Kerala secretariat from 5th March, 1996 is a milestone in the history of KSTA. Based on this strike, the government was forced to restart the function of the district offices. This revolt also led to the strengthening of the organization and to give a good foundation for KSTA in all the 14 districts. This also resulted in getting privileges like pension and other welfare projects for tailoring workers.

We respectfully pay our tributes to Sri.N Sivan Pillai who was among the founder members and who has held position like the state vice president and state General Secretary. We also pay our respect to Sri. V Rajasenan Nair, who held office as the state Treasurer for 17 long years.

When many of our fellow members were facing a crisis in their life due to lack of job, financial crisis and due to major diseases, the organization extend its support to the suffering members by forming KSTA Welfare Fund (KSTAWF). Treatment Aid of Rs.30000 is offered for treatments of diseases like kidney failure, heart surgeries, other deadly diseases like cancer etc. In case of a death of a member, a financial support of Rs. 5000 is also offered. As the project progresses, treatment support for eye disorders, support for children's education, support for marriage of dependants, will also be undertaken as part of the project. KSTA Treatments Support Fund is a project that aims at supporting members who are suffering from diseases with the aim of "Supporting our siblings, with a prayerful thought of protecting ourselves from diseases."